Artist Bio


Kasia Kaznocha was born in 1978 in Poland. She graduated with a Master of Arts of  Degree rom the Department of Graphic Design of Silesian University in Cieszyn, Poland. During her studies, she was  attending studio art classes given by Professor Artur Straczewski.

In 2012 she found the love of her life and moved to Los Angeles, California. She currently resides  and  works in  Thousand Oaks ,California.

Kasia  combines  passions  for art and for horses and  horse-riding. She has been painting mostly horses on canvas utilizing the acrylic technique. She often combines  paint with  golden and  silver  leaves  which  introduces an  extraordinary  effect  of space. Horses have been always the love and the life of the artist. Kasia  not  only knows how to paint  horses but knows how to ride  them. She is an avid horse rider and been riding horses since she was a little girl. In 2008 she  earned a  horse riding  instructor  certificate.  Her  specialty is  dressage and  jumping.  As  a  horse rider,  she  has worked  for  a few  well established stables. She also owns the horse named “Enigma” which often has been the object and subject of her paintings. For Kasia  horses  combine the  extraordinary  delicacy,  strength  and beauty. She  often  presents  the  animals in various mythical forms, for  instance she brings back images  of Pegasus.  Her images are created with passion and love for horses.


Artist Statement:


"I always had two passions: one is horse-riding which gives me a great pleasure and satisfaction,and the second is all kinds of artistic activities.  Horses are a  constant source of inspiration.  Therefore, they naturally became the main subject of my work. I discover them all the time and constantly trying to capture their beauty.Each horse is different, just as every human being carries a different story and emotions. I try to capture their emotions hoping that one can recognize a piece of story, a piece of soul, a piece of  heart through my paintings. That’s why my  images depict not only the silhouettes of horses but also a large amound of emotions. In the images we see not only horses, but also sadness, pride,  peace. Very important to me is that emotional message felt in my paintings allows for anyone to explore something new every day.

There are paintings of horses which are nothing more than their image, but for me it is very important  to introduce  horses personality and spirit. My goal is to master the technique that would allow  to  show  the  entire  esence  of  these  unusual animals wich are horses.